What if Fox News Channel Made A Beer?

//What if Fox News Channel Made A Beer?
If Fox News Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory

A Look at the Beer Design Explosion & Our Future Utopia

We obviously love design at Fantastic Factory, but we also love beer.  Like, a lot. And based on the research, so do you!

In 2017 alone, 1,970 new IPA’s, 921 Stouts and 855 Hybrid beers were poured?  That is a 34% increase from 2016! Year over year, the number of breweries and brands are skyrocketing!

So, this got us thinking.  How is design playing into this rise of breweries and beers?

We started with the biggest and boldest top designs, reviewing the United States winners from the 2017 World Beer Awards.  The elite Samuel Adams dominated the competition winning 7 out of 17 awards within the label, bottle and can design categories.  In second, was a tie between the scrappy and creative Florida Keys Brewing Company and Baushaus Brewing Company with 3 bottle and can design awards.  The remaining winners came from the refreshing Novo Brazil Mass Brewing Company, Wormtown Brewing Company and Yachats Brewing Company.


We can all agree that taste has been what makes a beer great, but the design is what makes a beer “its own.”  Considering this, it’s hard to believe that the World Beer Awards did not even put this into mind until 2012. Once they finally started judging design, only one winner out of 100 countries would win each year from 2012 to 2015.  


After 2015, the design market exploded awarding 16 different winners each year.  In spite of that explosion, the ubiquitous Samuel Adams rose to the top winning the 2016 United States best beer design award.  After 2016, the World Beer Awards created 5 additional design categories awarding over 22 countries with a gold, silver and bronze awards in each category.

After learning all this new and exciting trivia, we started asking ourselves how far could we take beer designs?  What if corporations made beers? What if we went crazy and made political beers? What would that look like?

Alas, as a design agency who loves to create as much as we love beer, we set out to do what any normal agency would do.  We started designing our future utopia of political beer designs.

Introducing our top three beer design winners in the category of media companies.  Awarded by us.

If New York Times Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory

If New York Times Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory


The Times American Style Imperial Stout, established in 1851 from the New York Times Brewing Company.  It’s a creamy stout that people love to hate when completing their crossword puzzles. A great brew to drink among sophisticated friends, at a work party or when you want a great buzz with it’s 8.8% ABV.  When you need a good afterwork delight to drink your troubled day away, The Times American Style Imperial Stout will reset you for tomorrow.

If NPR Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory

If NPR Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory


The Gluten Free IPA, established in 1970 from the N.P.R. Brewing Company.  A beer that cares about you and all your allergy needs. A perfect match for trivia night, bowling or any other hipster nostalgic activity your parents would eye roll at its popularity.  When you want to calm down with the best monotone beer ever, this Gluten Free IPA is the daily support you never knew you needed.

If Fox News Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory

If Fox News Made A Beer Label | Fantastic Factory


The Bias Light Lager, established in 1996 from the Roger Ales & Lagers Company.  A beer that will make you urinate all night to avoid your P.C. friends that go on and on about their struggles in this booming economy.  You know you get your money’s worth with this 4.2% ABV 12 oz because you can drink the night away with ease. A beer so great it will inspire your most memorable moments like the time Ted Cruz cooked bacon on an actual machine-gun.  When you need to let your inner YOU out, no matter how stubborn or insane, this Bias Light Lager is for you.

We ask the question to YOU now, what if media companies were beers?  How were our designs? Were we spot on or off? Let’s hear from you!

We will be back each month with a new theme and our Fantastic Factory spin.  

Enjoy, this beer’s for YOU!